“YES Is The Answer…. What Is The Question? Check Out The First Blog Guest Sarah Chapman!

“YES Is The Answer…. What Is The Question? Check Out The First Blog Guest Sarah Chapman!

 I am so excited to share my first interview guest on this blog! Sarah is one of my dearest and longest friends. We don’t see each other as much as I would like but I am a true fan of all the work she does. Sarah is such a free spirit and when I think of a Go-Getter she instantly comes to mind! I am so grateful for our friendship and proud to introduce her to you! Sarah has such a passion for life that is contagious and I can’t wait to see what else this girl accomplishes! We each have dreams and passions, what is your passion? What is it that you want to do in this life, Your life?
 Anyone can make a difference, you just have to say YES!

I want to introduce you to Sarah Chapman…

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
            I am a nurse who took a wrong turn in Nigeria, and ended up in a little West African country called Benin.  I fell in love with the culture, and now I am the CEO and founder of an American NGO called Build A Better Benin.  We focus on improving healthcare and education for the Beninese children.  3 random things about me:
1.     My right hand has pet a great white shark…in the wild.
2.     I have castrated a bull
3.     I’ve swam in my underwear in our Ambassadors Pool (in Benin)
What was the hardest life experience you have had to face?
            Almost losing my father to cardiac arrest.  My father is my hero, and is the greatest man whom has ever lived.  He is kind, gentle, and a true warrior…all in one.  So when we almost lost our time with him on earth, I was devastated. 
You have started or at least help start two amazing organizations. Can you tell us about them?
I am the founder of BABB and this was started in February 2012.  After a short humanitarian trip to Benin (with another organization at the time), I saw the great need this small country had in the future for it’s children.  Benin continues to have modern child slavery, child brides, and child abandonment.  That is a lot of issues to tackle, so BABB was created.  We have diversified projects ranging from an orphanage to a chicken farm (sustainability). 
The other organization is Kristie’s Foundation.  I am not a founder, but have served as their nurse specialist for the last 8 months before this most recent trip to Benin.  Kristie’s Foundation focuses on families who have a child on hospice care.  These children are end-of-life, and Kristie’s provides compassion and services that create lasting memories.  They are based in Anaheim, CA.   

I hear you are working on a book; can we get a sneak peak at what it will be about?
You absolutely CAN!  I have to admit, I am working with a ghostwriter, so I cannot take credit for the writing!  I am a horrible writer, and it bores me anyway.  J It is a humorous humanitarian book based on my experiences of living in the African bush for 6 months in 2013.  However, if bodily fluids, swearing, and sex talk bother you…you probably should pass on reading the final product.  One such story is when the midwife (at the clinic I was working at) found my vibrator…and had no idea what it was.  The comedy that ensued…I cannot make up. J
What is your future plans with living in Africa?
I actually have no friggin’ idea.  My dream would be to live here most of the time, adopt a beautiful Beninese child, and continue to run the organization from Benin.  However, I need to come back to the States to work (since I don’t really take a salary from BABB).  So until I win the lotto…or find a sugar daddy…I’m stuck spending most of my time in the States…. for now. J

What is your life motto or truth or life goal?
I can’t take credit for this motto…it was given to me by a very special person in my life. 
“YES is the answer…. what is the question?”
Saying yes to things…not just opportunities…open up your horizons.  The movers and shakers of the world always had to ruffle some feathers first, and I’m pretty sure “Yes” was a big part of their vocab. 
A goal?  I would love to see one of our children (in Benin) grow up to be the next president of Benin.
Where can we learn more about your organizations?
What I WOULDN’T do is Google “Sarah Chapman”.  There are a million of us out there.  I’ve tried it…not pretty.  Plus, there is some beauty pageant winner in Nevada, or something, with my name…I am clearly NOT her. J
The easier ways are:
You can email me directly (it makes it more personal):

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  • Fabulous first post and guest! Love, love, love Sarah, and she absolutely embodies her motto – say YES! Benin is lucky to have her, and she is fortunate to have found a calling in life that she is so incredibly passionate about.

    When we get closer to publication, it would be an honor to offer a peek to all of your readers!! The BABB story and the story of Sarah’s life in Benin is not to be missed!

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