Why Would People Turn Away & Unfriend Her? – Under The Red Dress (Thank You Beth)

Why Would People Turn Away & Unfriend Her? – Under The Red Dress (Thank You Beth)

A friend of mine just sent me the article about Under The Red Dress. (Thanks Danielle)  Have you heard of it? She thought I would find it interesting and yes I did. What I found the most interesting about this article was that the women Under The Red Dress lost 103 facebook friends over this. That is the most surprising thing.  Below is the article and yes she is naked. But I urge you to look and support Beth for her incredible courage and strength.

Under The Red Dress project is about women baring it all for the camera. Breast cancer survivor standing naked in front of the camera with her head held high. Mother of four bared it all and stood vulnerable to the world to show what cancer does to a person’s body.  As I looked upon the photos it of course hit home for myself. I am not sure if I could pose naked for all to see the scars I bare from my cancer.  Then again the moment she did this I can only imagine the power she must have felt in saying “Fuck You” cancer. In that I admire her and wonder if I could muster the same strength to bare it all one day.
To some these photos are shocking and disturbing. To others like me it feels like a validation and hope. Validation that we can stand strong and bare it all even after cancer, we can be proud of our body even when cancer took parts of it away. Hope that each and every body is unique and loved by someone. Our society has us so convinced as women that we must look a certain way or we are not wanted sexually.
I know I have always struggled with body image, that is my truth. After my cancer it is even more of a struggle. 
Here are some more truths…
Since I lost my breasts I have not let my kids see my naked anymore.
(Yes, they are getting older but even almost five years ago. I was afraid I would scare them)
I have never talked to my daughter about breasts and bras. ( I just realized she would have no idea what a bra was, I have always been hidden when it comes to what I look like under my clothes.)
Body image is a powerful thing and now raising a daughter I have realized that I must bare it all and it is Ok. You see we all are different sizes and shapes, scars or no scars we are who we are and to be completely happy we must be content within our own skin. We are do not have the privilege to be airbrushed after every photo, wrinkles taken out and the cottage cheese erased as easy as can be. So looking at these photos, yes to some may be disturbing but why? Looking at these photos for us women should be so empowering and should be embraced.  Beth is courageous and strong inside and out, and each of us should grasp onto some of her strength and love our bodies just as they are. If more people stripped and bared all maybe, just maybe we would begin to change the way we view our body image and learn to embrace all the wrinkles and scars and cottage cheese, because we are alive, we are real and we are living the life we always dreamed.
Thank you Beth…
Here is my last truth of today…

After looking at this article I took my daughter shopping and we ended up in Victoria Secret. I don’t go into that store since I don’t wear bras anymore. I had never even gotten sizes since my mastectomy. I marched in hand in hand with my daughter and asked to be sized.  My jaw fell to the ground when she told me the size I am… (I am still smiling…. Let’s just say cancer gave me bigger knockers than I thought was possible, after kids) Then we searched for a swimsuit. Then with my daughter by my side I stripped and began talking about breast and how she will grow breast one day and bras and how she would get to pick one out one day. It is time to stop hiding and to be proud of who I am, all of who I am, scars and all and to teach my daughter to embrace her body and be proud of the women she will become.

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