Why Are You Helping Those Not In America?

Why Are You Helping Those Not In America?

I am scheduled to leave for Guatemala in five days. Not only me this time or my family but I am excited to say there will be six other women joining me! It has been a funny thing really, something that I just can’t get out of my mind. I originally thought when planning this trip that I would be turning women away, we wouldn’t have enough room for everyone. Sadly this just was not the case. Let’s pause here…. if you think I am stepping on my soap box please understand I am still on the ground. As a mom of four, business owner and now author I understand that not everyone can leave for five days. Leaving our children, spouses, jobs all take sacrifice and money. Not feasible for many and I truly understand. There have been several people helping our team with this endeavor. Some helping team members with travel, prepping art projects, cash donations for items to be purchased in country. All of this is received humbly and graciously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have helped in anyway.



This blog post has been circling my mind for a few weeks and after a recent conversation with a team member I thought it was time to try and put it into words. I have often heard this question “Why Guatemala?”Why not America?“. I have heard the words “Selfish”Help your own” a few times about traveling to another country to help those in need. So maybe here I will explain why I do what I do.

Let’s talk about our country for a minute, the good o’l US of A

Think for a minute how lucky we are to be born here? Why were we chosen to live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world? Why is it so many people fight so hard to live here? Yes there is poverty here but there are also many private and social programs to help those in need. Poverty in our eyes many times is nothing like those living in other parts of this world. I do help those around me in need, how do you know I don’t? But the truth is… you, me and those living in Free countries are the lucky ones. We are not better than those unfortunate to be born in a situation there is no way out.




Help Your Own:

My only thought to this comment is …. what the hell? My own? Aren’t we all human? We all have a beating heart beat, we have all been born and are all on the path to death. I am helping my own, human to human. I ask this to those who may have thought about this, have you ever stepped out of your bubble and traveled to a country where poverty is the norm? Have you ever looked into a small child’s eyes who is malnutrition and helpless to be born in the situation they were? If you did, if you looked into their beautiful eyes you would then understand that they were your own, the human race is all our own.newborn



Why Guatemala?

To be honest I had no idea a year ago at this time I would be going back to Guatemala or that would be a place I feel connected too. I have been to Mexico on service trips as well as Kenya. I have traveled to Thailand and have seen the same situations in those countries as well. People born into poverty and just trying to survive from day to day. This past summer when my family decided to travel to Guatemala it was because my daughter was born there. We were fortunate to meet her birth family, her birth mothers. We experienced my daughters country first hand with service projects. Bottom line… I saw a need, a great need and how could I now turn my back? I was in homes that had no electricity or running water. I saw children who had no mother and father and the excitement over a $1 store little car.

You see what I saw was so many people working hard, fourteen hour days sometimes working so hard to afford their next meal. I got to hear of stories of families barely surviving but inviting others into their homes to help them get on their feet. With so little still so many helped to offer help to others. There is no government assistance, so people there are working hard to earn their money. You see looking into their eyes I realized they are my people. Why is it there fault to be born in that situation? Why am I greater to live in a country that offers so much? It could have been me born in a small village with no way out. It could have been you. So for now, for my daughter and for the people I am now considering family I will continue to help in Guatemala. Another time it may be another place, another country. But we are all humans and we are all each others people… the human race.


Thank you to those who have helped me in this cause or who have helped in another cause for the greater good of the human race. For those who may not have experienced giving back in this capacity… maybe it’s time? What if you could look into the eyes of another soul struggling, hug them and show them love and kindness? How would your life change? We are all busy with the rat race… but why? Why do we need to continue to get to the next best thing? The biggest and best house? Why do we need to have our kids in five activities booked every minute of the day? I encourage you to stop for a minute. Just think about your life, where you are heading and how soon your last breathe will be here. When you think about your life and what you leave behind is it everything you wanted to do? Life is not just about us… but the funny thing the more you give the more content you will find yourself.


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