Today I say %$^# you cancer!

Today I say %$^# you cancer!

Today I say %$^# you cancer!

Good news… no great news… no amazing news! The week I was diagnosed another young man was diagnosed with leukemia. I do not know Nick personally only have followed his story through a mutual friend. Nick was a very healthy twenty eight year old, he thought he was sick with strep throat only to find out otherwise.

A month ago the chemo was not working and the Doctors told Nick’s family that he needed a bone donor now or he will die sooner then later. The complicated part about Nick’s story is that he needed a Caucasian and Asian donor, there was a 0% chance of finding a donor.

Nick’s story was picked up by the media and throughout the country. Guess what? There are two possible donors!!!! Nick was told yesterday, Nick and the donors are beginning to prep for the transplant!

I pray that this transplant is the key to remission the key for Nick to live a long and healthy life.

Sometimes in the cancer world we need to hold on to those that defy statistics! We are not statistics…. Nick is not a statistic!

I need to be reminded of this today, statistically I was not supposed to be in the oncology department today, statistically I should have not gotten breast cancer. So today I say $%^& you to statistics, we are all just a person looking to be loved and cherished and healthy!

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