Time to Press The “Resume” Button

Time to Press The “Resume” Button

I am officially pressing the “resume” button on my life! The “pause” button was on for way to long. Summer is here, my kids last day of school was yesterday, I graduated my students from Smart Start and I got great news from the top Pathologist specializing in my cancer. After he reviewed all of my slides, no further treatment is neccesary. Margins were good and only follow up MRI’s at this time. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. I needed to make sure there was no invasive in any of my slides… it would have haunted me if I did not take the next step and have them privatly reviewed.

As summer is officially here, my expansion is going way better than I had expected with very little pain I am pushing “Resume” I just ordered my new books and I go back to school on Tuesday, to resume my degree in Psychology… working towards opening my own play therapy practice.

The new Smart Start building(my brand new preschool building) is way on it’s way…. my dreams continue on. Cancer was only a bump in the road… a marker in my life that showed me how truly remarkable life is. My dreams continue to come alive everywhere I look.

I am looking forward to spending time with my kids… giving them lots of hugs… lots of attention and letting them talk and heal when they are ready. I am already seeing a huge difference now that we let them in on all that has happened.

Let my life resume… and I think I will also resume a project I began a year and a half ago…. “Lavender Journey” a book of mine that I had written. It is a very rough draft but I hear it calling to me….
I am also to get back to my horses…. Ruby my horse was ridden this week and did great even after three months of no one on her back… In a few weeks I will be riding her once my arms work better!!!
Yoga is also calling me…. I am setting up my own area on my back deck, next to the creek. I will be in the midst of nature… perfect for me….
Another sigh here… and as I close picture me smiling, a small tear is also slipping down my right cheek…. pushing a “resume” button never felt so good in all of my life!

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  • I am so incredibly happy for you. You are an amazing person and I hope the remaining schooling goes well.

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