The Writers Conference Virgin

The Writers Conference Virgin

So I flew down to San Diego yesterday to attend my first ever writer’s conference. So I guess you can say I am a writers conference virgin, or for that matter any conference virgin. I know I am changing when I check into my hotel at 7 p.m. and feel I must work out immediately. So first things first, I drop my bags and change into my work out clothes. After I finished my workout I came back to my room to finish reading my first novel. I had to shelve it for a few months so I could look at it with fresh eyes. I read on the plane and then late last night, but finished it. I have taken all the feedback from my beta readers and this morning worked on some re-writes. I am feeling pretty good and that it is almost ready to go to print. Spending time away from my family is never easy but I am thankful I have this time to focus on a dream I want to pursue. This morning I was already up early, back to the gym then back to my room to write as much as I could on my sequel to Another Goodbye.

I am very much feeling like I am out of my comfort zone. “You mean people actually want to talk to you, ask where you are from and ask about your book?” most people may be surprised I am an introvert at first. In a large crowd I usually put on my ear buds and ignore what is going on around me. However I am stepping out, I am coming out this weekend as a real author! I have completed a finished manuscript and tomorrow I will be pitching my book to a real editor (don’t expect much but feedback and to ask questions, basically for the experience) I am meeting new people, most I will never remember their names. I just had a lovely dinner with a complete stranger for the past hour and two rum and cokes later I am feeling more confident in this new thing called “Networking” This is a good thing, stepping out of my comfort zone. So I am about to hit another workshop then plan on writing until early morning. I am determined to finish or get pretty damn close to my sequel to Another Goodbye “After Goodbye” honestly I am getting excited to let people actually read it. 

Sometimes it feels awkward to step out of our comfort zone but maybe when we do we become a better well rounded person…. Maybe?

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