The secret sorority, that no one wants to join

The secret sorority, that no one wants to join

The secret sorority, that no one wants to join

There is a secret sorority that exsists, one that the members never had a choice in joining. I am apart of this sorority now, and through this sorority I have found support. I have learned there is always another sister going through much worse… I have also learned that what that other sister is going through can be me in the near future. With this information we come together, the internet can now make perfect strangers friends over night. Through encouraging notes through emails.

As I sat in a chair on Monday getting my hair done, since I can’t move my arms yet. I sat in the chair with a tear running down my cheek. I though of my friend Gail… a stranger really, but again now my sorority sister. As the women washed my hair my heart was heavy because I knew that Gail was loosing hers.

As I looked at Gabi yesterday and as much as I wanted to hold her or help more, I thought of another sister that did not choose to be apart of this sorority. Trina… who at that moment as I wanted to help my own daughter was having to terminate her own pregnancy. Who was cancer free for seventeen years, went on with her life and then abrubtly was told the breast cancer was now in her liver and she would have to termintate her 12 week pregnancy to save her life and begin treatment.

You see I learned this week, when I was stripped, that we don’t know what life holds. This raw pain that I am experiencing in for other women and there family as well.

I don’t know, if my cancer will eventually find its way in my liver or lungs. Cancer is a devestating disease, I finally get it. I understand that this day, this moment is all that I know I have. In this, I find true happiness. I want to live for this day, make this day what counts, because today I am alive and blessed beyond words!

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  • Amber, I don’t even know you but you, to me, are the most amazing woman ever! You have such a great outlook on life and I really hope that your future is very bright and cancer-free!

  • Wishing you a very awesome cancer free life. It is most difficult always to deal with cancer and my very close cousin went through the same ordeal as well 5 years ago. We went on a very special vacation just her and I last December. Great outlook on life.

  • Amber,
    You bring me to tears with the thoughts of me. We are in this sisterhood of the pink ribbon together, and even though we are on opposite sides of the country, have only met through one friend in common, we now have ties that will last forever. Your strength physically will return slowly, but you are doing an amazing job mentally. I understand the fears, but we are living for today, our families, our pure love of being alive. STAY STRONG, my sister! I am here for you.

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