The power for plants and soil

The power for plants and soil

The power for plants and soil

Today was a beautiful day, the sun is so bright and it is warming up. I find joy in watching my flowers grow. From year to year they get lusher and bigger. Today I spent time planting, my hands in the wet soil, carefully transplanting the roots into the pots. In this I find peace, we are all plants so to speak. We all grow each day, whether because we are getting older and the pounds come sneaking upon us, or because we choose to grow, either mentally, spiritually or emotionally. If you are a parent we grow each day, we grow more and more gray hair each day, but also we grow patience and love for our kids.

What are you growing today? I look at my flowers and with the bright pinks and purple and remind myself that I will blossom and grow as well from this cancer land crash course that I reluctantly enrolled in. Or for that matter, this course that drug me by the hair with no choice at all.

What I am learning today is that I have to take this cancer thing by the balls, pardon my words. I can not let it grow in me, but yet take the reigns and stop it in it’s tracks.

The cancer may be out of me in a few weeks, but I dare to ask myself why did it get in me in the first place? Is it environmental, or stress? Or was it inedible that I would one day have cancer. I will never know really, but what I am looking for is control. I can control what I eat, I can control my exercise intake. So today I am growing in new ways, finding it in me to change for the better, to grow and develop in a new and healthy way.

Of course I love my ice cream… so that is a lesson I may learn another day!

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