The Lavender Shawl

The Lavender Shawl

The Lavender Shawl

Today we went to church, I had known that my name was given the church to be put on the prayer chain. A friend of mine met me this morning with a gift bag. Before I looked inside she began to tell me the story behind the gift. There is a group of women at our church who prays for others while knitting that person a shawl or blanket. A couple of weeks ago my name was given to these women. My friend told me that the women knitted for me while lifting me up in prayer. The unique thing about my particular shawl was… it was a beautiful lavender shawl! Now these women do not know me, they were only given a name, they have not seen my blog or know that Lavender is my favorite flower, and the history behind my blog name. I have not shared the history behind my blog name with no one.

I began to cry when I opened up my gift bag, I was brought to tears by a beautiful gesture and a feeling of incredible peace as I touched the soft knitted shawl. Lavender, out of all the colors this women chose lavender.

Whether you believe in God or not, I felt peace. I do believe in God, always have. I see Him in many places and ways. Today I felt incredibly touched, and felt that I have not been forsaken. God is within me, giving me love in such a simple way.

This women was given only a name, while she sat with her knitting needles she prayed over this name, a name without a face, a name without a personality. She lifted me up, when I am in need of all the thoughts and prayers from others. I am truly humbled… I am truly at awe of the human spirit, at the grace and love in all of this.

Today as I laid in my bed, for an afternoon rest I wrapped my new lavender shawl around me, and felt at peace…

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  • Wow, that is truly amazing and powerful.

  • How beautiful! Truly a touch of love and peace…I am so choked up.

  • I’m in tears. How beautiful! And what a blessing of God.

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