taking the age old question to the test..”What to Wear Today?”

taking the age old question to the test..”What to Wear Today?”

taking the age old question to the test..”What to Wear Today?”

Today after I slept most of the day away. It was just one of those days, I was exhausted. But at 1 p.m. when I finally got up, it hits me… what to wear today? I have not gotten a prosthetic of any kind yet. Not sure if I will, since my expansion begins next week with my first fill. But the weather here is very hot…. all of my clothes for summer are tanks and halters. I tried to wear a very padded bra today…. I got a good chuckle…. nope that will no longer work. Hum…. I begin to try and stuff it…. I laugh again as this cotton material pokes out of the area a boob should.

I am a pre-teen again…. about to blossom. I find it funny in some ways and in other ways it is a bit frustrating. So for now I have gone with nothing…. well my ace bandages of course. I am flatter then a pancake… what did I expect? I am starting to leave my house as the new me. I know it is only temporary. But for now…. I am all natural, or at least until I find the right prosthetic that works for me.

Hey maybe I will be carded again, when buying alcohol? Well can wish right?

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  • Hi,
    I came across your blog from the young survivors website. I was diagnosed with DCIS last summer at my first mammogram of my life.(I was 37) Every doctor told me it wasn’t going to be cancer…I had a double mastectomy on August 11th. I have been looking for someone with the same diagnosis that made the same decision. I would love to talk more. I am at http://www.themurrayfam.com

  • I have been going “natural” as well since surgery and though it is very uncomfortable at times, it is also quite nice not to have to worry about which bra to sling on. I have three fills to go and have also just embraced the new me, in the making, looking forward to the “perky girls” when they arrive. No matter what you decide, you will be beautiful!

  • You are such an inspiring lady! I love that you are finding your sense of humor!! Praying for you!!

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