Stepping Out Of Your Bubble And Into Another

Stepping Out Of Your Bubble And Into Another

As I sit here typing about what I want to write, I feel a bit apprehensive. This may not be any easy blog to read or to digest. Over the past few weeks I have been bothered by something and have struggled to put it into words. So please, let me say this first. I am not judging, I am not pointing fingers I simply want to share my truth and maybe ask you to step out of your bubble.

As most of you know by now this past July my family and I spent eight days in Guatemala. The trip although we knew would be life changing was way more than any of us expected.  Of course I thought, more people are going to want to come with us next time to experience their lives changed for the better.
Except… this has not been the case. For the past few weeks I have asked myself what is holding people back from giving of themselves for the greater good of humanity?
Now brace yourself…. this may get a little uncomfortable for some.
What has bothered me the most is some who live their lives for God,  never step out of their bubble, ever? Of course this is not everyone… 

As an outsider looking in it seems odd. Living your life with Jesus Christ as your example should mean helping others right? Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying this only means to come to Guatemala. Obviously that is not feasible for all. But this could mean so many different things. Helping at a food bank, taking in foster kids, feeding the homeless and the list can go on and on.
Having faith in Christ or God would allow you to be fearless while stepping out of your bubble right?
Believing in a God who created the entire universe would actually mean you are not allowed to keep him in a box, right?  Having faith and believing means you will trust him in getting the funds you need to step out on faith and help others right?

This has been the most surprising thing for me over the past year. To hear so many comments as I have started this journey to Guatemala and stepping out of my bubble.
“I could never do that, it’s to scary”
“I don’t have the money”
“I don’t have the time”
“That’s just not for me”
What? Really?
Do you realize our time her on earth is so short? Do you ever stop to think about the bigger picture? Life is not about being scared or not having enough faith to believe you could financially find a way to step out of your bubble. Maybe skip the Starbucks a few times a week, or do a fundraiser. But what I am saying is believe you are capable of greatness, don’t let anything hold you back.

I remember when I was a senior in high school. I wanted to go to Africa so badly. Then a trip came up at my church. I dreamed about going but never thought I could afford the $3500 trip as an eighteen year old. But guess what I signed up anyways and figured out the finances later. I found the money and made it happen. That was the first trip that changed my life, I came home a different person in more ways than I ever dreamed.

You see I can understand hearing these statements from others possibly who have no faith in a higher power. But when I hear these words from those who claim to believe I have a strange reaction, and it is not a good one.
What if rather than doubting you could make a difference, or doubting your don’t have the finances you start to have faith?
Life is more than just us, and our little bubble. I know it is safe inside, comfortable in fact. But what if, stepping into another persons bubble was the most amazing experience you’ve ever had? Would you step out of your bubble?
We are the example to our children. If they do not see us believing in something more than ourselves they won’t either. I know I want my children to believe in humanity and I want to instill in them a passion deep in love for others. I am sure most want that too right? 
Maybe your pissed at me for this post? Maybe you actually feel convicted or maybe you don’t give a damn either way.
I have promised myself to speak my truth even if my voice shakes. I want to challenge each of you whether you are believers in a higher power or not, to believe in humanity. To believe in yourselves that you can make a difference in others lives. There is nothing special about me or my family, we have just said yes to humanity and have decided to invest in other bubbles and not just our own.

To be honest, maybe I am just being selfish too. Because the reality is, when you do start to invest in others you start feeling so much better. Your outlook on life changes, your mood changes, your passion and love only intensifies. Life generally becomes better.

So now I ask this, what is truly holding you back? If nothing then I encourage you to find something you are passionate about and use it to help others. 

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