So what happens after you finish your manuscript?

So what happens after you finish your manuscript?

So what happens after you finish your manuscript?

Well in September I finished my manuscript, so now what? I have to say I am really glad I have been running my own business for the past twelve years. Writing and trying to become a published author is a business. So this is what I have been working on, learning the ropes, learning the next steps and trying to figure out what to do next.

The first thing I learned when I completed my first manuscript is that I can’t stop writing. So not only am I researching marketing, agents, self-pub, book cover designers I am also trying to write the sequel to Another Goodbye. Life is busy to say the least. It is funny I downsized my business to slow down a bit and focus on my writing. However I am finding my writing is my new business and it takes a lot of work and maybe even more work after you write your last word.

The question is will I get an agent for this manuscript or will I put it on Kindle as see what happens? Most of me thinks I am going to do the later, only because I am a business women and love a challenge. I have a website, new facebook author page, twitter account, business cards, promo-video all ready to go. I guess I am just waiting to decide on what path to take as well as get the sequel well under way.

I am going to start blogging more, and really get more active on here. I am going to find my niche, what I can offer the world or should I say what would be interesting for a blog. Hopefully in the next month this blog will have a facelift and a new direction.

I am excited to learn this new business of writing. We shall see what happens. I figure I am health now, so I need to work on my dreams and goals while I can.

Cheers to life


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