Manuscript Take #2- Ready, Set, Go!

Manuscript Take #2- Ready, Set, Go!

Before I begin my journey of an entire re-write of my manuscript I thought I would document it here. I honestly feel a little emotional with excitement and anticipation. There is always a sense of where the characters will take me this time. Although I am keeping the main story arc and characters there is a new sense of direction to the overall story. Over the past few months I have shelved my manuscript. I have had beta readers read it and I have had two agents also take a look at it. That in itself was a success, to get an agent to read your manuscript. I have taken all the feedback and have realized it is time to change it up and make it better. I had no idea what I was doing when I started and I still don’t feel like I totally know either.

This time I have notes, I have character outlines and my story arc in place. I see the story to the end and this time I am introducing a new element that is really going to be a surprise. I am excited and I am ready. I am setting a goal, this is why I am speaking it here. It seems when I speak my truth here on my blog I stick with it. My goal is a chapter a day and to be completed with the first draft in fifty days. That would put me at completion on June 11th or sooner!

 I know I can do it, but it is going to take drive and determination. Thank you to those who have been my beta readers and I hope take #2 will make you proud!

Writing is an art you must learn and practice. They say your first book is never really your best. It takes often times many more tries and a few hundred thousands of words to really get the hang of it.

So today, I begin take #2! Ready, Set, Go!

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