Look Up…

Look Up…

I just finished a couple hours of writing, another step towards completing my manuscript. It has been an amazing week, those kind of weeks when you look around and think “How lucky am I! What a Freaking Awesome life” it was that kind of week. Nothing really special, mostly just stopping to smell the roses, a lot of stopping to watch my kids play, enjoying the simple things like watching the sun set on over our pond, while two of my kids happily giggled in the row boat. Another kid seriously focused on trying to catch a fish. I stopped to enjoy all the animals roaming happily in the pasture and my older son working hard at juggling more times then the last with his soccer ball.

This past week I wrote 100 pages of my new manuscript. I went to a job I so adore and I am in love with a man who I have been lucky enough to fall in love with twice. It has just been that kind of week and now on the eve of the last night of the week I saw this… “Look Up” a youtube video that brought me to tears. It made me realize that I think I am not looking up, enough. This feeling that I have tonight, this feeling that life is pretty damn awesome, what if it could be even better?

I love my life, although it has not always been this wonderful like the past week. But this video reminded me of so much I have missed because I was looking down, down at my phone. We are all guilty I know, it is so easy to hide out and ignore. Technology is the way of the future our way of life. I need social media to prepare to launch my debut novel, we need social media to stay connected to the world, for work and so many things in our daily life. But what if we are addicted a little too much? What if we choose to look down at the very moment when we should be looking up? What if we should put down our phones once in awhile to look up at the beauty all around us, look up at nourish and tend to the relationships all around us. What if maybe when we do this we experience something so incredible that changes our lives forever? I think I am going to take this video to heart and take baby steps to experience something extraordinary and look up a little more.

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