Living Life With Intention

Living Life With Intention

This morning while showering I was deep in thought. I find that I do my best thinking in the shower. Some people may sing, but I think (at least most days when I am running 100 mph) I was reflecting on some conversations I have had over the past week about my blog and why I was doing this. So this morning while I should have been rushing to get to work I thought about why I choose to blog. When you face death at one point in your life, something changes within you. Maybe we should all think or ponder death or those final moments more. Death is coming for each of us; we can’t stop it from happening.  It is when we realize that our life is so short that we may shift our thinking and experiences here on earth. Once we finally can acknowledge that one-day, one unexpected day poof… life is done, maybe just maybe we can experience today, this life we are living in a more powerful and liberating way.
I write, I blog and now Vlog not because I think I have the answers to this crazy ride we call life. I do this because it is the opposite I don’t have the answers. I write because I acknowledge that death will one day find me as it will find each of us. I write because I want to journal my way through this crazy maze called life.  Five years ago I was someone very similar to whom I am today and yet so different all at the same time. There are life lessons we all learn, there are challenges we face and there are changes we all make in our life journey. So why not journal them so you can look back and realize that you really did change for the good, or you’re really did take that horrible situation and turn it into something good, something at the time you never thought possible. Maybe you don’t want to be so public, I get that, and really I do. For years I wrote to myself on my computer. Sometimes I would keep my journal entry; sometimes I would delete it after I wrote it. I am not perfect; I suck at being a mom on days. I find myself crying because I snapped at my child when I should have just hugged it out. I am not a perfect wife; I am hard to love at times and hard to give love at times. I am sometimes to independent for my own good. So what I am saying is truly I don’t have the answers to life. I wish I did. I wish I knew just how to be the perfect mother for my four children or the perfect wife for my husband.

But what I do know is that over the past five years I have learned to really live in the moment. Yes I do get off track at times but it is getting easy to do this. I am living with intention. It is as choice I make, I choose to be present during my time on this earth. I am grateful for each new day even if it turns out to be one hell of a day, or I make some incredible mistakes. It is still one more day alive, one more day to make mistakes to show me again I am alive and human, one more day to make things right. But when I live with intention I am disappointing my kids less and less, I am becoming a better wife, friend and boss. I am making changes for the better when I live with intention. 

So as I blog I write because it makes me happy. I write because I believe we all can learn to live with intention. What makes you happy that you have been putting off? We can’t possibly be that busy to not do the things that make us happy.  When we do the things that make us happy don’t we become a better person?  We can make life happen to us and not life just happening. We can choose our destiny and really help shape with way we are moving along the road of life.  It is not an easy path to take, the path of intention but when you do choose to live like this, it is something you will never want to walk away from. I also get so excited to learn more about others and how others view life. Every view, every belief is Ok and it is finding your truth within. I am so thankful that people actually want to be interviewed, actually opening up about their experiences or strengths and advice about life. I can’t wait to keep sharing all that I am learning from others.  Happy over the hump day friends!

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