Let’s Never Forget To Cheer On The Caretakers, A Tribute To All The Caretakers In The World.

Let’s Never Forget To Cheer On The Caretakers, A Tribute To All The Caretakers In The World.

 As I work on edits of my debut novel this week (Farewell My Loves) I am reminded about the unsung heroes during a battle with cancer. You know the one who stands quietly behind the patient, yet just there presence makes all the difference. The person who is there to hand you another pill when it is time, or clean out the plastic drain coming out of your body. As a cancer patient many times we get all the attention, the flowers, the cards, the meals. Not that is a bad. Believe me I was so encouraged by all the outpouring of love. Thank you again to those who cared so much for me.  Today I want to publically say thank you to all the caretakers who are in the background and who never expect anything in return. No flowers, no cards and yet do you realize how much we need you? Do you also realize how hard their job truly is?

As I work on a few chapters of my new book I look at my character that I have come to love and adore. His name is Robert and he is so selfless, so strong yet takes on the burden of what is happening secretly. He wants to continue to smile for his wife, who has metastatic breast cancer. He is the one who wants to make her laugh, really laugh. He blows up the blue glove; you know the gloves the nurse’s wear or the doctors. He blows it up and pops it loud to give her a scare but to also help get her mind off the next procedure she is about endure. Robert is also the one who has to pull himself together in the hospital waiting room bathroom. He has to give himself a pep talk of the news he must bring to his wife. He digs deep and buries his fears, and stays strong so he can hold her hand, so he can have his shoulder ready for her to cry on.

Yes those of us who have gone through cancer, or maybe some other terrible illness are strong. We have put on a smile when we thought we couldn’t. We endure another painful procedure even through we are exhausted on the inside. But it is those of you who help take care of us, who give us the extra push we need to continue to be brave.
Caretakers, thank you for all the sacrifices you have made over the years or months your loved one has struggled. Thank you caretakers for being that quiet yet steady foundation we need to help keep us grounded when it feels at times the world is crumbling all around us.
Maybe today it is time for us to say thank you one more time. Thank you to the people in our life who held our hands or brought us one more pain pill after our surgery.
To my very own caretaker I want to say this. How did I get so lucky to have such a strong man in my life? You were the one who brought me yet another warm blanket before my surgery because I just couldn’t get warm enough. You were the one who did the gross job of cleaning out my drains and measuring the crap to make sure I was healing ok.  You were the one that kept the kids where they needed to be while I was down for the count. You helped keep the house running even when I know at times you were terrified out of your mind. It never showed how scared you were. You were my rock; I drew strength from you when I thought I had none left.

To all of the caretakers who quietly stand in the shadows, thank you from all of us who have held your hand tight or who have cried on your shoulders. Thank you for helping us through this journey we never expected to be on.
You are my hero… did you know?

To the ones who are sometimes left behind, to pick up all the pieces of the aftermath of illness, today I say thank you for being stronger and braver than you ever thought you could be. You loved someone so much you put your own emotions aside to be strong and suffer in silence. We know you are there and today we say thank you.

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