Let the war die…

Let the war die…


I get it, sides are created. It’s normal. When you have a war you must believe in the side you fight for. You must create craziness, hatred for the enemy. I’ve been there I’ve done it. No one is perfect, grief and anger can bring the absolute  worst out of a person.  I’ve been a part of it. I’m sorry. Whe you are hurting you say things, do things. But honestly… it’s been a long time. So it’s time to move forward.

But I’m asking everyone to stop. I’m done. The white flag is raised. I’m tired of sides, I’m tired of hearing stories. I don’t want to hear anything anymore. I don’t want to be shown pictures, I don’t want to know things that go on.

I don’t want to be a part of the battle anymore. It’s tiring, it’s unproductive and it only hurts the couples and trickles down to the kids.

Playing both sides is dangerous. I know we may try to be equal, but sometimes words get twisted, stories get revealed without the whole story. When the stories get told, it only creates anger, hurt and pain for the person listening.

I’m not trying to point fingers. There is no one in particular. It’s just something that keeps happening over and over. It’s hard enough to try and rebuild a family, find new common ground without the influences of others of what they think they know or don’t know.

The chatter, the stories, the spying is creating a shitstorm plain and simple. The bottom line is that no one knows what truly went on in someone’s marriage. No one truly understands the why’s the what happened except the couple going through the divorce. Nothing more, nothing less. The bottom line is no one knows what the person is thinking, feeling or going through if you are not that person.

This is just a good lesson for anyone going through a breakup. Leave them be. Let them find peace again. Supporting the couple is staying out of the way. Supporting them is trying to support the kids and lifting the family unit up rather than creating drama to destroy it even more.

So bottom line, be our friends, be our acquaintances. Don’t be our spies. We don’t need spies. What we need now are love and grace. Let us find our own way… let our kids have peace and happiness in their lives.

Let’s all remember… the kids. Family is forever… creating a happy family is creating a peaceful family even if it looks different now.







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  • Ernest Hedman

    Amber Karen and I have never taken sides I can just say we were surprised surprised.

    Truthfully our main concern was about the kids and we were praying that it would not hurt them negatively

    We’ve been happy for all the pictures you have sent on Facebook and how you have moved halfway on with your life on your own and when you’re out with the kids. We love you all we pray for you and we wish you nothing but the best and happiness with love Uncle Ernie

  • Kari

    Well said Amber. Wishing you healing and peace.

  • Delmy montenegro

    love you Amber, I hope you’r dooing good, you and your famili!!!!

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