I Missed My Deadline By Two Days But….

I Missed My Deadline By Two Days But….

I have to sit for just a minute, not like I have not spent hours and hours in front of my macbook already, but I just need a few more minutes today to reflect on the past 52 days. Fifty two days ago on April 23rd I embarked on a journey of re-writing my entire first manuscript I had written. When I started to write again back in April I was hoping to pull some of what I had already written back into the new story. Each time I tried, it didn’t feel right. This was a new story now, with new voices even though the main story was still  there. I wrote and wrote some more. My characters were coming alive and I could see them in front of me, acting on their emotions and interacting with each other. Writing is a strange thing but for me it becomes addicting.

There were times I would stop typing and just sit still, and wait and watch. Would she walk out the door or would she tell him now how she was feeling? What is she going to do? I would ask myself and my character. Then she made her choice, they made their choices and I just typed away and described what I was seeing in my mind.

Over past fifty two days I set goals for myself, and only I could make them or break them. I have shown myself that writing is what I want to do. I have always loved to read, in fact now that I just finished manuscript two I need to get my hands on a book and read away! I have always wanted to make writing more of a priority but the timing was never quite right. Now I hope, or at least I think I have proved to myself that maybe, just maybe I have more stories somewhere up in that head of mine.

Now most have no idea what comes next. I only really learned this past September that writing a manuscript is one thing, it is what comes next is that is the hardest task. But I have taken all that I have learned last time, advice from agents and beta readers and feel really excited that I am ready to really publish this time. So on June 30th I must submit both manuscripts to my developmental editor, which will take some time for her to read and work through. Then once I get over my pride and hear what works and what doesn’t then I will go back and work out some re-write. That will  take some more time. After that I will send it off to some beta readers… any takers??

So you see yes… I finished my rough draft but I am still far away from being published. But that is Ok, it gives me time to work on a new story that is swimming in my head.

I have no idea if people will read my                                                                                                                                                        

books or if they will hate them or love them. They will not be for everyone, but I hope that most will give my characters a chance and see them for who they are, humans on the path of life wanting to be loved and to give love.

Now to celebrate with a glass of wine! Cheers!!

P.S. Thank you to my family for putting up with me sneaking off and typing away….

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