How Far Would You Go To Help Your Child Feel Complete?

How Far Would You Go To Help Your Child Feel Complete?

How far would you go to truly know your kid inside and out?  This morning while sitting in my car in front of starbucks I watched a video trending on facebook. By the end of the seven minutes I was smiling as the tears still flowed down my cheeks.  Maybe this is a good time to watch the video before I go into more details.  I would suggest watching it with a open heart as you can see these parents put their hearts into creating this very moving video.
What if you were in their situation? What if you beloved little baby girl always said she was a boy? This has been one of the most moving videos I have seen in a long time and simply put they spoke their raw truth, even if some may disagree or not believe they have done the right thing.  What I also see with this family, with this young boy is proof that he is not making this up, this is not a phase or a game for this six year old.  Are you a parent? Do you love your children so much you would move mountains for him or her? What if you had a child who identified so much as the opposite sex? Talking about, referring him/her as the opposite sex, what would you do?
Did you know that 41% of Transgender people commit suicide? Would you want your child, your beloved baby to live there life in misery, in crisis because you could not accept their truth, who they are to the core? Is there unhappiness or possible a loss of life more important than religious views, or not accepting him or her? Can you open your heart to love this child for who he is and all the other people like him in this world? 

The courage and the love that these parents have displayed is incredible and I am so thankful that little boy has a family who loves him so much they listened to him and have accepted him fully. Now it is our turn to accept people simply because they are human. Let’s stop judging people or turning our backs on humans because they don’t fit just in that perfect box we have created. Who fits in a perfect box anyways?

I personally wanted to publicly say thank you to those parents. I don’t know them of course but they are bold and they are example to all of us parents. We should be raising our kids as they are. Standing behind our children and cheering them on and accepting whom they are, how they were created and if we can’t stand behind them proud who can?

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