How Are You?

How Are You?

How Are You?

I am getting this question a lot these days. I don’t mind, but I am not one to say I am great when in realty on the inside I feel so overwhelmed that I just want to curl up in my warm bed.

But if you dare to ask the the question…”How are you?” my honest answer would be fabulous! I feel so incredibly blessed and overwhelmingly at peace. I am not a stranger to tough times, I have had several in the course of these 31 years. Accidents, mistakes, bad choices and of course failures. In those times I have also had to drag my butt out of my warm bed and face them and deal. I am grateful for those times in retrospect. It is in those dark days where I have learned about myself, and the power of my true strengths.

I am truly humbled these days by the love of the human spirit, the power of femininity. I have been touched by so many women, so many who have lifted me up by words of encouragement, prayers of by gifts. In all of this it has reminded me of living life to it’s fullest.

I have always lived life this way, and although these past few weeks have been a rough emotional journey I have come back to my senses so to speak. Nothing has changed, really. I am still Amber, I am still the wife of Forrest, the mother of Spencer, Wyatte, Colbey and Gabi. I still love my job with a passion, I am still a friend and daughter.

So I choose to continue to walk my path, my journey living each day with meaning. Life has been so wonderful, even in my darkest days. I am grateful for the simple things really. I will continue to dream and continue to make goals and reach for them. Yes a few things are on hold, I am no longer teaching at the moment and I am no longer being taught, that is by a college professor. My classes have been put on pause for another month.

My kids bring me such joy, they teach me each day to stop and breath and to be thankful. They make me laugh and through their own triumphs I find joy. They are turning out to be very good kids, loving each other, enjoying each others company and loving the environment and animals around them.

So if you asked me today or yesterday or a week ago… “How are you?” this is my answer… fabulous, and I am sticking to it!!!

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