Growing Older Can Be A Celebration!

Growing Older Can Be A Celebration!

Birthdays, we all have them, we may not want them but we can’t stop them. So why not enjoy them and celebrate the fact that we have been alive another year? As a kid we can’t wait until our next birthday, we plan our party months in advance and we celebrate when we reach the half way mark and add the 12 1/2 when we say how old we are. But as adults that excitement of another year older begins to fade. Our bodies begin to change, the wrinkles come, and the memory less efficient and our skin get a bit looser in all areas.
Each year when my birthday comes up, I honestly don’t really think about it much anymore. Just another day that comes and goes. However this year I will think about it more. I will celebrate another year reached, another birthday I have the privilege of experiencing. Rather than try to ignore our birthday or grumble that we are getting older maybe we should be celebrating a lot more. 
There are so many souls who have come and gone so young, way before their time. I am sure they would have wished to celebrate another birthday, even if that meant a sagging body, wrinkles and the occasional insomnia and night sweats. So rather than fight what we cannot stop let’s embrace our birthday and celebrating our aging. I personally think we get smarter and more confident the older we get. We have more options to become that what we truly want to be and with age come perspective. 

Another year to celebrate life on earth, another year to fix mistakes possibly made, another year to travel and to build new relationships. Life is so precious, a gift not a right. We have all been gifted life, so why not embrace it? Another year older to me, means another year cancer didn’t get me, another year with my family and another year of growth and learning. My normal routine is to just ignore the day that comes and goes each year; but on the eve of my own birthday I promise to be mindful of the gift I have been granted, another year of life and in that I will celebrate! 

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  • I’m glad you took the time to enjoy your birthday this year! Birthdays are the best day of the year in my book and your half birthday isn’t too shabby of a day either 🙂 (I may or may not have wished myself a happy 2 months till my birthday yesterday)

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