My mental and emotional well being is recovering faster than my body. I know that in time I will physically catch up as well. All in all, though I can feel myself on the road to recovery in all aspects.

Today I am full of gratitude! Words will never be enough for all of the outpouring of love not only to me but to my entire family. From notes, emails, cards, dinners, flowers, special gifts, grandmas and aunts helping around the house from laundry to cleaning and helping with all four of my kids.

I know our home is a busy home, four kids with four different schedules can be hectic to say the least. The love from family and friends is overwhelming. So today I say thank you to all of you. Some have asked me if emails are ok, do they make a difference. Yes I say, notes and letters are so encouraging. Even if you do not hear from me right away, know those words you wrote touched me.

When someone is going through something like this, know how vital words of encouragment are! Truly… when someone is in their darkest hours it is with the support from others that helps us out of the darkness and into the light!

So today I am thankful…

For Forrest who has proven his love for me over and over, that I never have to ask again… “Do you love me?”

For my four children… for their tender kisses and gentle hugs, for the pretty pictures they have made, or for the sweet stroke of my hair as they tell me excitedly about their day. I miss being their full time mom… but know this is only a season and soon I will be doing it all once again.

For my extended family who has taken over the house… laundry… carpool and grocery shopping. Thank you for taking the time to help my family….

For my Staff at Smart Start… wow how incredible you are! I left a job I loved in March pretty abrubtly so I could focus on getting better. My staff stepped in and I could never say thank you enough! Thank you parents for all of your understanding, patience and flexibility!!!!

For my friends… wow how blessed I am. So many of you have touched me with being there to lift me up.

For my town…. I am so thankful for the community I live in. I can’t believe it has been 3 years since we picked up our family and made this move. Leaving everyone else behind to start fresh on land. It was exactly what our family needed. So today as I type from my bed, I look out my french doors to my property… I see the beauty in the freshly bloomed trees, the rushing of the creek and the greens coming from the earth of my garden.

I am full of gratitude this beautiful morning… I am a women truly blessed beyond words!

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  • sending you many cyber hugs 🙂

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