Gabi has a broken leg!

Gabi has a broken leg!

So on Wednesday night, Gabi was at her cousins house with Grandma. She went on the trampoline for the first time! Yeah for Gabi… not really. In the end, not sure what happened since I was in bed. But Gabi began crying…. came home to us, very upset. I wanted to hold her and carry her, but I could not. I sat next to her and examined her leg, it was swollen and there was the bump. It was getting late and she just needed to get to bed. So we gave her some motrin and tucked her in. The next morning, we booked her an apointment.
All while my surgeons office was calling me to have me come in at the same time of course to check on me, since I was having drain issues. Ok, delagation set in. Grandma took Gabi to the doctor, while Forrest took me. We got a call while waiting for the surgen that sure enough Gabi broke her tibea.
So a splint was given and on Friday she picked a blue cast. Of all times to have her break her leg. So Forrest is our personal amature living assistant. He carries Gabi to the bathroom, gets her dressed, and carries her from place to place. Gabi and I now hang out in my bed. Oh boys, five weeks in a full cast for Gabi….
We will survive! But will Forrest???

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  • Oh my goodnes,, you poor thing. We too have had to make “creative adjustments” since Mommy can’t do all the things I sure did prior to surgery. Sending you a very special healing prayer and a wonderful Mother’s Day.

    Blessings, Rhonda

  • I just found your blog thru..somewhere LOL. We too have adopted from Guatemala. I wanted to say how sorry I am that you have to go thru all of this…and that your little sweetie has a broken leg. yikes!! I will add prayers for you and your daughter.
    God Bless, Maria

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