Five Reasons Why The Teenage Years Are Awesome

Five Reasons Why The Teenage Years Are Awesome

I have reached high school well not me officially, my oldest child. How is it that I cried more this morning then his first day of Kindergarten? For years I feared the teenage years, this stage of his life.  I worried  about rebellion and bad choices. What has happened however, is just the opposite. I love this stage and I love how our relationship is shifting. I am still the mother, but there is a subtle shift. A new level of friendship and openness and that shift feels wonderful.
The teenage years are a thrilling new adventure each day. You never know what you’re going to get? Is it the short-tempered teenager, the still wanting to be hugged teenager or the one who wants to have long talks about the world. 

5 Reasons Why The Teenage Years Are Awesome

   1.   All the hard work of the early years begins to pay off.  Sleepless nights, endless tantrums, time outs and working hard on manners all made a difference. You begin to see the pay off of all your sweat and tears when they were younger. Watching your kid become a respectable independent teenager feels pretty awesome.

2       Long talks about the world come more frequent and at a new level. The conversations about Elmo or using the big kid bathroom are long gone. In replace of those come chats about love, sex, religion and human kindness. In those raw honest talks comes a bond that I believe will bridge the gap during the teenage years and beyond. Building a platform to be allowed to talk about anything is crucial. So far so good.
3     They become funny and have their own sense of humor. Our teenagers begin to know more than us about technology and what is in current news. He keeps me dated on what is cool and really let’s be honest here… he reminds me that I am really not that cool.  They can start doing so much more and when they become taller than you, stronger than you that can come in handy. I love that my teenager is taller and stronger than me and now I have one more person who now has my back.

4. These years teach you that time is precious. Long gone are the days when you know what your child has planned. Now you must check in to see when you can have free time with them. They are social and the time has come when you see little of them. This makes you appreciate the time you have with them. As they begin to become adults you realize that they are only in our house for such a short time now. Being in the moment with them, quality conversations are so vital. It is teaching me to be a better mother. A mother who listens more and who really understands that in order to have a relationship that lasts until I am old, I must listen now and get to know my teenager, his likes and dislikes and accept fully who he is and who he wants to be. 
   5.     Letting go is Ok and actually it feels pretty good. The time has come to let go of their hand. To let them begin to choose their own path. Will they fail? Of course, but it is how we react when they do fail. I love this stage because it is time for me to let go too. Learning things are out of our control is an important part of letting go. Our job now is to teach them to be an independent adult who can survive in the world. Let’s enjoy these moments and be proud. They will be driving by themselves, applying to colleges and dating for the first time. All exciting and I can’t wait to cheer them on with all of life’s new challenges. I will also be there to help them up when they fall flat on their face.

So today I dry my eyes and feel grateful for this new phase. I will embrace all that is to come with an open heart and a listening ear. My job with my oldest son is slowly coming to an end.  The roles are shifting and that is OK. I will forever be his mother but and I will always be here if he needs advice. But as his mother I will also start to let him go. Let him be the man he desires to be and stand back quietly cheering him on as he follows his dreams and walks his path. 


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