Feeling the love

Feeling the love

Feeling the love

First before any update, I am so overwhelmed by all of you! When I awoke this morning, I had so many flowers, gifts and special notes! Even special cards from my students! What a wonderful and emotional wake up! Thank you all, for not only supporting me but my entire family! We are all feeling the love!

It is almost 6 pm on Saturday and I am feeling pretty good, a little tired and pretty sore but good overall. Yesterday was a very long day, almost 12 hours in the hospital. The prep was a bigger ordeal than surgery I think.

First I had to get a nuclear medicine injection, where thy biopsied the lymph nodes. Than I had to get a localized wire insertion into my effected boob. That was the most unpleasant thing about yesterday. Being trapped in a very funky position in the Mammogram machine for almost 30 minutes. Talk about needing a massage after this 🙂

Then I waiting 4 hours before surgery to begin. I am told that the surgeon removed two lumps, so far he says everything to his eye looks good.

So today I am just laying around full of pain killers, I am not sick at all, thanks to this ear patch I got yesterday. I do have some vision issues, everything is a little blurry but maybe because I am so tired still.

The pathology report should come in next week. Then I will need to make decisions regarding my treatment. Until then I will be relaxing and reading and healing from this first surgery.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, with dinners, cards, flowers and gifts. My heart is happy and my soul feels loved!

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  • Im soooo sorry i didnt know this was happening to you…..Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers….

    I feel like anyone who was part of the adoption journey is our familia!!

    love leslie Roberts

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