Dusting off my novel and beginning again

Dusting off my novel and beginning again

Dusting off my novel and beginning again

I think if I say it aloud for others to see, then maybe just maybe I will finish it. I think I am ready to finish it. The story plot is set it has been set since 2007 when it came to me one night in the bath. Who would have thought that my story plot would come to life in such a way that it has as my real life is playing out.

I will not go into detail but my characters are calling me back, my novel is no longer dusty. I am writing now with a new passion and new emotion that is raw and needed for my novel. Maybe this is why I could not finish it last year, maybe this is why I had to shelve it.

Maybe all it needed was me to broken in a sense, to really grasp what my characters were going through. Maybe that is what I was missing, the emotions the true emotions.

I have already written thirty new pages… and I am ready to see this project to the end. Remember we only know we have today…. life is so precious, I am making this a new goal, a goal that I know I can do. Even if it never get’s published I need it to be finished.

It feels wonderful to jump back into it and to see where it is changing… where it is coming to life in ways I would never have understood before… before cancer came into my life.

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  • Congrats, you are an amazing person.

  • I remember you telling me a tiny bit about your book when we first met, I again thought about it after I learned of your cancer. You are stronger than any woman I know! I love knowing you are a friend of mine!

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