Do You Ever Wonder, Why You Were Born Into The Life You Were?

Do You Ever Wonder, Why You Were Born Into The Life You Were?

Do you ever wonder how you ended up being born into the family you did, or the environment you did? Some of us may be very grateful to have been born into a decent family who loved and cared for us. Our upbringing was not one of violence or terror. Some however may have not been so lucky. Maybe you are reading these words and thinking about your childhood your circumstances and thinking you were not so lucky at all.

I am the lucky one, I was not raised in poverty, I had two parents who loved me and I have always had a support system. Life has not been perfect, of course not. No ones life no matter your upbringing is perfect. But I have been wondering lately how I got so lucky, to have the good start I have had. I have worked hard, I have overcome trials and have failed at things numerous times but still I have a good life.
Some may say I was chosen for the life I live. That a higher power or God gave me the life I live. I once used to believe that my life was predestined and gifted by God. But that didn’t seem to make sense when others around me were struggling to even survive.  What if you were born in the jungles of Thailand lived in a small village and was raised Buddhist.   Would you believe that was the life you were destined to have? 

Your life may be wonderful, simple and you may not have much but it may be incredibly beautiful.

What if you were raised in the foster care system, no family at all? No one to ever call your own, no one to love you just for being you. What if the cards were already stacked against you? What if on top of that your foster family beat and abused you and the only way out was gang life, or selling yourself to survive?  Was this your destiny, set forth by God? I understand that many have proved society wrong, and even though the cards were stacked against them, they rose against all odds and created a wonderful life. Those are true heroes, those are the humans that have persevered even under great trauma and stress. 
Have you ever stopped to think about these things, the what if question? Have you really pondered them and took yourself out of what you think you may believe and think outside the box? You see I used to believe I was chosen to live this amazing wonderful life. But now that seems incredibly selfish and honestly how can I face someone who has nothing and barely surviving and still believe I was chosen?

Each of us has our beliefs, our religions and our ideas on how we should live our life.  If we step back can we see a bigger picture? We believe and we live life how we were raised or mainly how we were raised. If we grew up Mormon most often you are still Mormon. If you were raised Christian, you believe in Jesus. Same as all the other religion, but what if we have it all wrong? What if it is just by happen stance we were born into the family we were, raised to believe in what we believe? Can we change our beliefs even after we were raised our whole childhood to believe a certain way?

Why do we constantly have to prove to others that our life is better, or our way of life is better? When will we just figure out that we are all on the path to death, we have one life, one shot to live a good and helpful life. Some I guess, believe that this life here on earth does not matter, only the afterlife they are promised. But then they live a life full of hatred towards the people who do not think like them, or look or act like them. What if this is the only life that counts? Should we not then love others, help others especially those of us who truly can?
My family and I are headed to Guatemala in four weeks. In four weeks my children, who are ages 13, 12, 10 and eight are going to see poverty like nothing they have seen before. We are going to be playing with babies who have no mother or father. I will be honest; I am getting nervous, because for the first time in a very long time I will be leaving my bubble. My wonderful community who I love so much, my warm bed,my friends and basically my comfort zone. I will look into other human’s eyes and smile, but on the inside I will be reminded how am I so lucky and this person is living like this? There is nothing special in me to have the life I have, nor is there something worse in that person to live in such poverty. 
You see it is not fair, life and circumstances. No one can ever tell me I was chosen. I don’t believe I can go along life and believe there is a predestined plan for my life. It would be incredibly cruel to believe this any longer. You see is that family of ten predestined to live in such poverty that they are barely surviving?

I know it is hard to think about these things, because that would mean we would have to take ourselves off the pedestal we have all created for ourselves. But can we find more love, more compassion and more acceptances for those who have not been so lucky? Can we throw our notions that only hard work and dedication can get you places? What if everything is so stacked against you it is almost impossible to soar high and fly?
Some believe in God, others do not. But can we all agree that we are each human, trying to survive in this world the best way we can. What if we can get off of our pedestal (believe me sometimes I put myself on one) and learn to love and not judge. One is not saved by grace and the other is not. No human is ever better than another to be saved and not to be saved. 

I have realized over the years that I am lucky, so very lucky. I don’t know how I have the life I live but I don’t want to take it for granted. It took me a long time to step away from religion, the rules and regulations created by man for man. Once I got cancer I realized I am dying, we are all dying and I was missing out on my life right now. I was always planning for my afterlife, choosing the right path, that narrow path so I would be saved. But then I woke up, I realized we are all human; we are all just trying to live our best lives. I am not chosen, are you chosen? If we were that would be very horrible. Some chosen for greatness and others chosen for a life of misery? The universe is to grand to grasp and I don’t think I will ever get it. I used to think I had it all figured out, my life, my predestined life, my mansion in heaven, but all I know now is that I will never truly know what is to come after I breath my last breath.  But what I do know now is that I am free, free to love others and accept others just as they were made and to just be thankful that I got lucky, very, very lucky to have the life I live. Yes I put in a lot of hard work to get where I am today, but… it all started off with living in a healthy happy home, in fact the cards have been stacked in my favor. So today I am thankful and I do not take the gift of life lightly. 
What if religions or the idea of being chosen is actually creating hatred, discrimination all in the name of God? What would God think?
I watched this today and it was eye opening, I hope you take the few minutes to watch. 

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