Sometimes in life decisions need to be made. You ponder them, you analyze them and if you are like me you may write a pro and con list. I have made a decision and since this decision I am feeling as though I am a new person. I guess that means I am on the right track. 

Life is moving so quickly. As we approach another Christmas I have this realization yet again. My children are growing so fast, I love it. I am enjoying so much there independence, their personalities really starting to take shape. Some parents may always want their kids to be young. I, however am truly enjoying watching them grow into young adults. I love that I read a book and they read it right after me, we watch the movies and then talk about the book. I love that they are deciding what sports they want to play, how they want to dress and even how they style or really not style their hair. I love that sometimes they want to chat as I tuck them in about questions of life. I love that they are turning into wonderful young human beings.

As I move forward to implement the decision I have made, I trust that it will all fall into place. I am trusting that as I simplify my life, our life really that my soul will find its way back to being one again with the universe. I can already feel the shift within me, I can feel deep passion beginning to slowly come to the surface again. 

I am looking forward to going to Thailand with my husband in January. As much as I am going to miss my kids I am looking forward to going on a journey to a far off land. I am going with an open heart and mind, and asking God or the universe to do a good work in me. I am looking forward to seeing the temples and stopping to enjoy the moment. It will be a great adventure, one where I believe I am going to come back with new purpose and a new plan for our life. 

Today… I am happy, I am not angry. I am starting to feel the resentment melt away. Funny how one decision, one life move can change so much.

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