Day #19 post-op

Day #19 post-op

Day #19 post-op

Today was a fabulous day. Today I had a wonderful visit with a friend, sitting on my back deck. Today I got my last 2 drains out. Today I celebrated with lunch with my favorite guy Forrest and my favorite four year old Colbey. Today, I can feel my body start to bounce back. Today I am beginning to see past this world I call cancer.

Today was fabulous… as is my life and all of you in it!

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  • So glad to read you are feeling better. Sending you many cyber hugs.

  • YEA!!!! The drains out will help pick up the physical healing. I remember them finally come out, first two, then the other two…that was horrible. Hopefully you are feeling alright from it all. You just keep looking ahead! You are well on your way.

    hugs to you

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