Coming Out Of The Closet-Your Closet

Coming Out Of The Closet-Your Closet

Before I begin this blog entry I want to say first THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who has been reading. Thank you for your comments in passing and encouragement in writing this blog. Thank you to a reader (Judy) for such a sweet note in the mail. You truly made my day.  I do this because I am finding peace with accepting who I truly am. I post crazy pictures of me stuck in a bikini top, because that is me at that moment and there are lessons in every situation. I do this because I want to share how incredibly liberating it is to begin to accept yourself just the way you are. But we must also learn to be accepting on the other end, to accept our loved ones and friends for whom they truly are and not what you think they should be like because our society has said so.
 This next entry has really been my life over the past few months. We first must come out of the closet to speak our truth.  This topic comes from another Ted talk I recently listened too. It hit home on so many levels.
What Is Coming Out Of The Closet?
We all know what the traditional coming out of the closet is, but do you know we all can have our moments of coming out of the closet? It could be telling your partner you are pregnant, telling friends you have cancer, or telling others you are just not so sure you believe in the religion you were raised to believe in. You see coming out of the closet is simply a really hard conversation. Our topics may be different but the feeling of coming out of the closet can feel universally scary.

What Closet Are You Hiding In?
Many of us our hiding in our deep dark closet over something we are scared to share with the world. Something about us, something we believe or for some admitting whom we truly are and how we were born into this world being.  Does this mean one closet is harder to live in then the other? The speaker of this Ted talk says no, we each feel the same pain or shame for hiding away in our closet. However I can’t imagine those humans who hide who they truly are, how they were born to be because of certain people abandoning them for the rest of their lives. But yet we all may have a closet we are hiding in because we are terrified people will look at us differently if they really knew who we truly are, struggles and all.  No matter why we are hiding it is HARD, for EVERYONE no matter the situation to come OUT.
A Closet Is No Place For A Person To Live, Are You Ready To Come Out?
Simply put we all have a choice to come out of the closet, but are we ready too? A closet is no way to live the life we have. What if we feel as though we are suffocating hiding the person we really want to be because we are so terrified of how people will then perceive us.  Maybe it will affect our jobs, our friendships or even our marriage? But living in hiding can kill our spirit and create a sense of pain so deep it is hard to live a truly happy life.  So what if we don’t follow the script society has made up for each of us to live? Maybe we don’t fit the perfect mold our friends may want to place us in? But if we hide, aren’t we hiding from our very being?
*Be Authentic
*Be Direct
*Be Unapologetic 
(Speaking Your Truth Can Never Have Apologies)
(You may be sorry for folks being hurt along the way, or others may be disappointed but that is on them not you. The only story that matters is Your Story and who you truly are)

Are You Ready To Help Others Coming Out Of The Closet?
To be able to come out of our closet we need a safe person to help us come out of the closet.  If we are going to be real with someone we need to be ready for others to be real with us.  What if we all begin to accept people for who they are and not the box we want to put them in?  Lets all strive to be the people who help others out of their closet. But first we must also be ready to step out and experience the freedom that has been holding us back because we were scared. 
Speaking truth is never easy, hard conversations are never easy. But when we speak them, you may be surprised to feel a heavy weight lifting from your shoulders and a new found joy of happiness of accepting yourself and feeling it OK to be you, just simply you.
Take A Few Minutes To This Ted Talk! It is Awesome:

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