Choosing To Embrace Authentic You

Choosing To Embrace Authentic You

There is has been a word I have been pondering lately, a word that keeps creeping up in my daily thoughts and how I want to live my life. That word is  “Authentic” For most of my life I lived a very in the box kind of life. I was raised to believe in certain rules, a very specific guide to happiness for this life and beyond.  That guide was what shaped me, molded me and directed my every step for many years.  It was my foundation and I never questioned it in fear of any and all consequences that may follow.  I never questioned because I also believed whole-heartedly that the guide was the truth and the only way to live.

But then one day I began to wake up, I began to question the guide the foundation I once believed was the only way to live.  As I questioned I began to search and seek out more truth for myself and through others.  I began to explore and see the world differently, I began to see the human race as equal all here in this life trying to find a place in this world to be loved and accepted.  As I began to see the world in a different light I found myself happier and full of a new freedom I had never experienced before.  I once believed that living a life following the rules and expectations that had always been placed on me was the only way to truly be happy.  I was wrong, and the guide of rules and expectations placed on me years ago was wrong, well wrong for me. You see we are all authentic; we are all unique with gifts and talents and personalities that are authentic. We must embrace who we are and not what society may say we should be.
For some they may live their life following a specific guide and that is what brings them happiness. For others they may choose a path that rejects every guidebook out there and that can also bring them much joy. You see when we can finally live authentically and true to ourselves it can bring a freedom and joy we have never experienced before. It is not easy to live authentically, especially if you are going against the very foundation you were raised on.  Finding peace within and joy from your life makes life so much more amazing.  To live authentically we must also allow others to live authentically.  We need to stop trying to change and mold people into what we believe they should be. 

I am not done with this process, learning to live authentically. I continue to change and grow and awaken to the world around me. There are so many areas I strive to make better.  Life is truly a gift and I intend to continue to live authentically even when it may be hard sometimes, because I know I am living the life I was always meant to live. I just had to be open to being authentic.
I will leave you with this… my new tattoo quote:

“Love The Life You Live, Live The Life You Love”

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