Can’t think of a creative title…

Can’t think of a creative title…

Can’t think of a creative title…

It has been more than a week since I blogged. I was on vacation for all of last week with my four kids, we had a blast and really needed that time to heal almost from me not being them for them during my recovery. I also took this road trip to prove to myself that I could do it, I could live spontaneously still and I could pack up the car and hit the wide open road with my four kids. During that trip I learned again, which I already knew or at least I thought I knew, that yes my kids are truly great kids. I explained to them over and over that because they are good kids and have great manners I can take them on an adventure. It made my heart fill with joy to know that this trip will always be a fun memory for them.

Road Trip 2009

Sunday at 9:00 a.m. I decided to hit the road at 12 p.m. A day earlier than planned, and wait I have a quiz to do. Lots of running, packing, and craziness until departure 11:45 a.m.! Wow, our first success, 10 minutes early!

Sunday evening we stayed in Eureka with my Aunt Anita. It was a quick trip, tucked the kids in to bed, worked on homework and was out the door by 7 a.m.!

Monday: Drove 101 the coast of California and into Oregon. Beautiful beyond words. At 8:00 a.m. we made a stop at a beach, no one was there and it was cold. But the kids loved it, found special treasures and I got to snap a few photos.

We also made a stop at Tree’s of Mystery. The giant Paul Bunyan and his blue OX… we took the sky tram to the top of the Redwoods, a little scary but again a ton of memories.

Monday night we pulled into Portland around 6:40, just in time for dinner at the Hilton and a quick swim. We would have another four hour drive to get to my friend Dara’s our final destination, Stanwood Washington.

Tuesday: Slept in a bit, 7:30… my kids do not know how to sleep in! Hit the road at 9 a.m and finally made it to Washington. Dara and T.J’s place is gorgeous, the kids loved it and felt right at home making pirate flags, playing with Bambino the dog and Figaro the kitty. It was great to catch up with Dara, it had been a very long time.

Wednesday: We drove to Seattle, wow what fun and what memories. Forrest and I stayed in Seattle the first part of our honeymoon. I even came across the Inn we stayed at and got to show the kids, where it all began 😉 The kids loved the rides near the space needle and the giant water park. We also went to Pikes place and Gabi got to see a giant fish right up close and personal! What a fun day we all had.

Thursday: We were off towards home again, I was tired!!! Only drove 5 hours this day and crashed at the hotel. Let the kids swim and watch cartoons.

Friday: We reached back home earlier than expected, 3 p.m and we were all so ready to be home, we missed Forrest. I love how separation truly makes the heart grow fonder. We came home to lots of progress on our new Preschool building. It is looking amazing!!!

So our road trip was a success, I think I needed it way more than the kids. I needed to remind myself that cancer will not slow me down, that I am my kids mom and I will not be tied down the weekly Dr.s’ apt and well cancer running my life.

I am angry right now with cancer, I have been in pain for about 15 days and I can’t seem to get rid of it. I am do damn tired of hurting. I was in pain for over a year before they found it, and now I am having major back issues and I can’t breath very deep for the life of me. Chest x-rays look good, so I am heading back to my chiropractor and will have him work on me weekly for awhile.

I am also ready to be done with my fills and just get my surgery. I am done period with all the cancer crap. I am so sick of it…. the past two weeks have been my first two weeks without seeing any doctor. It felt great, now I know what I have been missing.

I am however back in school, just wrapping up another class and starting another this coming week. The school build is moving along and I will be starting the official state process in August, for opening up a center.

So life is still moving along, my dreams are still coming true, but the anger or annoyance I fill is still there. I think when we are sleep deprived we feel like this even more, hopefully once I get a hold of this pain and breathing issues I will feel more like me again….

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