Bucket List… Do You Have One?

Bucket List… Do You Have One?

Do you have a bucket list? Is it written down or stored somewhere up in your head? Mine is pretty much in my head. However while I was checking off another one of my bucket list items I realized that my list is getting rather short and really not much left on it. So I think it is time to maybe re-visit the bucket list and actually write them down and today I will add more.

Some may think it weird that a 36 year old even has a bucket list. But really why not? We are all on the path to death, no matter what we do or eat or how we live. We are all headed back to the earth sooner or later. This is our one shot at this life why not haves a bucket list? I have heard this comment recently “I have an old person list, of things I want to do when I am older.” But my response is always “Why wait? How do you know you will be an old person to do those things?”

How many times has a couple or a person saved their money and had grand times planned after retirement, then one gets sick or one suddenly dies unexpected. There life is flipped upside down and those things they thought they would always do, is no longer possible.

So today I am revisiting my bucket list and I will speak my truth about them today in this post. I am excited to say I have already checked most of my items off of my small list. I am choosing to not wait until I retire or until my kids are out of the house. I want to do, and experience and much of life as I can while I can. Don’t you? Don’t you want to experience and do as much as you can while you can?
Let’s not let life happen to us, but let’s make things happen to life.

This past week as I stood over the Grand Canyon one of those bucket list places, I held a tear back.  It was so grand and beautiful and I was there. I was alive and experiencing it feeling great and healthy. I also got to walk away knowing I had crossed another item off of my list. I did not wait for the future.

It is in those moments when you accomplished something or visited a place you have always wanted to go to, that life becomes incredibly alive and real!  Today think about your bucket list and tomorrow start checking those things off and create the life you always wanted to have!

Amber’s Bucket List:
 1. Have four kids
 2.  To own my own business
 3. Go To Thailand 
 4. To Adopt
 5. To write a book to completion
6. Go to africa
7.Road trip to Grand Canyon
8. Ride an Elephant in the jungle
9. Get a tattoo
10. Run a humanitarian family travel group
11. Have property

Added Today:
12. Have a successful first trip to Guatemala for our debut service trip
13. To publish my book-re-write begins today and will then resubmit to agent
14. To visit Paris
15. Visit Italy
16. Renew my wedding vowels – he just asked me to re-marry him… so that is coming 😉
17. Take my family and other families back to Africa
18. Write more books
19. To to Mt. Rushmore
20. Watch and celebrate my kids as they become adults and choose their own path 

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