Big News, Actually Life Changing News For Many!!!

Big News, Actually Life Changing News For Many!!!

A few weeks ago we celebrated our daughters eighth birthday. That day felt a little more special but also a little more sad for me. I have really been heartbroken for the circumstances Gabi’s mother must have been in, to feel as though her only choice was to give her up. What you did not know, nor did our daughter know that we were searching for her birth mother. As I wrote that blog post I hoped that one day soon we would be able to see her first mother face to face. Many of you know that our family is headed to Guatemala very soon. Actually we are twelve days away tomorrow. Twelve days away from boarding a plane, all six of us and flying to a place that is unfamiliar. Knowing that we were headed to Guatemala my husband and I knew this was the right time to look for our daughters birth mother. A few weeks ago we gathered all the info we could and submitted them to a person who helps facilitates reunions. I have to say I have had this in the back of my mind for weeks. Then we have waited, to see what happens next.

There have been so many questions running through my mind. Will this searcher find Gabi’s birth mom? Does Gabi have siblings in the US? Is her Birth mom even alive? Will her birth mom want to see Gabi? But quietly I have just carried on with our lives as though this was not even happening. We chose not to tell our daughter about this search. First we wanted to see what we would learn if anything. Some have asked me, don’t you think she is too you? No honestly I don’t. She asks about her first mother a lot, especially now that we are heading to her birth county. She wonders if her birth mother is alive. How can I not search and try my hardest to find her first mother? I think you know when your child is ready for this, when they tell you. By the questions they ask and how persistent they are. She has been quite persistent especially the closer we get to heading to Guatemala.

Last Thursday evening as I was literally dying my roots.. yes you read that right. While I was waiting the ten minutes to cover that stubborn grey I was checking email.

 It was there in the subject line. I found ….. (Gabi’s birth mother’s name). My heart began to race and I was so excited to know that she was alive. That there maybe is a chance to meet her. I look at the mirror and realize I need to video the rest. I needed to document everything that followed. So that is what I did…. I ran like an insane women and found my thirteen year old and told him I needed him in ten minutes. Then I raced back and ran through the shower trying to get my hair rinsed of the hair dye. Finally we were ready, my oldest son and I were ready to read through the email.

I couldn’t help but get emotional. I was feeling so happy for my daughter as I read the info in the email. The best news was that Gabi’s birth mother was alive and wanted to meet us and more importantly wants to meet her daughter she gave away to be adopted. There was a lot more info on siblings of Gabi and the good news… the search was a success!

This afternoon we finally shared the news with our daughter. I began to explain the good news, but got caught off guard with tears. So my husband took the reigns and let her know, that we found her birth mother and the best part, she wants to see Gabi! Gabi was so thrilled, I can see it on her face the joy she experienced knowing that her first mother is out there, and she will be meeting her. There was also huge excitement over the fact that she has sisters and more brothers! You see, Gabi has always wanted sisters!

So now we plan and work hard to make this arrangement happen while we are there in Guatemala. Still in the process of finalizing the details, but already I see a difference in my daughter today. I am not sure if anyone else in the family see’s it. What I have seen in just a matter of hours is a little girl who knows that finally she will be reunited with a birth mother, who made the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter. Our daughter may not understand quite yet all that comes with an adoption. But to know her mother can’t wait to see her, to meet her as well as other family members has made my daughters day!

I have no idea of what more is to come, but I have no doubts it was time to search and I am so thankful that in two weeks my daughter will be able to hug her birth mother and know that is the women who loved her so much she said goodbye trusting strangers in a different country to give her a life she could never give her. Although we have no idea how this will all play out. What I do know is that the smile on my daughters’ face, the yelp of excitement was all worth it.

The video will be up tomorrow… watch for the vlog by tomorrow afternoon! More videos to come while we are in Guatemala!

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