Are You Ready To Travel With Purpose? This Week’s Blog Guest, Tells Us Why She Moved To Guatemala.

Are You Ready To Travel With Purpose? This Week’s Blog Guest, Tells Us Why She Moved To Guatemala.

Well it has been a week since I have posted anything.  I guess going away for a few days means a lot to catch up on, when you return.  This week I am really going to focus on a humanitarian project I feel passionately about.  My family and I will be traveling to Guatemala this summer and we need two more families NOW!!! We have rooms reserved, the itinerary set but we need YOUR family! I interviewed the organization we will be working on and it is a fabulous organization and it is SAFE! 

What happens when your preteen begins to stop focusing on them and begin to realize that they have so much and they start to have a passion for others? What would happen if they experience a new culture and learn to give back selflessly? How would that impact them for the rest of their lives? I believe so strongly in this and I can’t wait to see the impact this trip and future trip will have on my own children! 
Please share, please tell your friends, we need YOU! 
Visit The Families For Humanity Page On This Blog & Commit You & Your Family Today! 

1.    You recently moved to Guatemala. How did you end up moving there?
My daughter Kahleah (soon to turn 23 and adopted at five months of age from Guatemala) and I joined my son Alexander (age 21and an older child adoption from Guatemala) in Guatemala in late September. I think it was a natural progression as well as a family supported decision to take our commitment to kids in care in Guatemala a step further. We had been volunteering in Guatemala since 2000 and leading our own teams since 2009. The more entrenched we became, the more drawn we became to doing more, because of the children.
2.    Tell us how adoption has impacted your life?
Adoption changed everything. From Day One. We became a Canadian-Guatemalan-Colombian Family. We embraced the reality that our children were ours, yet they came from other countries and families.

3.    Describe what you do for us, the services you provide?
OUR Guatemala: Travel with Purpose was formed to provide services and supports as we, Kahleah, Alexander, Nestor (age 23, Guatemalan, grew up in care) share our unique connections and experiences here in Guatemala. This includes hotels, tours, private transports, service projects, orphanages and other connections here in Guatemala.
4.    How long are you going to be in Guatemala?
Currently we have a one year commitment to live in Guatemala but is the past is a predictor, I expect a lifelong commitment to children in care.

5.    How hard has it been to leave your home and start over?
Not easy, yet right. My husband Jean and Colombian born son Tristan (age 19, adopted at 4 months) keep the home fires burning in Canada and support from near (visits) and afar. OUR Guatemala: Travel with Purpose is a family project for the greater good.

6.    What is your truth or your life motto?
“Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” – (David Platt)
7.    Where can we find out more about your organization?
OUR Guatemala: Travel with Purpose
Caring for Kids in Care in Guatemala

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