A New Journey In 2010!!

A New Journey In 2010!!

Happy New Year to all! I am not sure if there was any other year that I looked forward to, then this one. I was more than happy to say goodbye to 2009! I will share one last thing about 2009 and then I will move on, to better and brighter things! Just 4 days away from the new year, the kids and I got into an accident!!! It was partly my fault..well really mostly my fault 🙁 I did not realize what had happened… I was so shocked. As the light turned green and I went, the car in front of me slammed on his breaks out of no where and came to a stop… it was so fast just seconds really and all I remember is feeling the impact and crashing into the air bags. Sadly to end the year off… my car will most likely be totaled 🙁 but all in all… my kids and I were all fine!!!

Ok.. enough of that goodbye 2009!!!

I began this blog to document my journey in cancer world. Now that I am pronounced “Cured” don’t you love that??? I didn’t know there was a cure for cancer 😉 I am in search of new ways to use this blog. I begin this year wide open and ready for new possibilities!

I realized last week, that for the first time in a VERY long time I was no longer in pain. Before my diagnosis, well before maybe a year and a half before I was in pain every day. I had no idea it was because I had one large mass and two tumors in my breast, I just knew I was in pain.

Then came the surgeries and the expansion… and yikes more pain. But today as I was finishing up my yoga, I realized again how grateful I am to no longer be in pain every day.

This is the year of new beginnings… I welcome 2010 with wide open arms and will continue to learn to live in the moment.

Already there is so many wonderful things happening… my business is flourishing! I am opening a new center in the Bay Area on February 1st. Creating more jobs in the troublesome economy. My dream schoolhouse in Sacramento, will be finished in April, and again creating more jobs!

Then there is new goals that I am setting, new dreams that I am allowing myself to dream! I am hoping to not stop at the two schools but to open two more within the next two years!

This is the year of action… this is the year of payoff. For the past two years my husband and I have been working so hard on our future, making our dreams come true. I am reaching my hand out and can practically touch these dreams.. because they are almost alive and well and finally here!

2010 will be a year of completion of goals… first the new school in Loomis, this was a goal over two years ago. It will be completed in a matter of months.

Next is my novel… it began in 2007… this is the year I will take my characters all the way, from A-Z…

This is the year, that I will take on less of my company and more of my kids! I will be available more.. no more surgeries and no more juggling so many balls in the air!

This is going to be a wonderful year! I am saying these things aloud because I believe if you speak it, it will be!

Dream big this year… this may be my new journey, to help you find your dreams and accomplish them.

Do you have dreams or goals that you are putting off for a better time? You are too busy with work or kids? What are you waiting for???

I was reminded yet again that we never know what tomorrow holds… I did not plan to crash my car last week and have it totaled… but life happens!

Life is not a dress rehearsal.. so we need to live as though it is our final performance each day.

Friends thank you for following my blog, thank you for the support through 2009! This is my year to support you.. to encourage you to be who you truly want to be!

The sky truly is the limit!!!!

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  • Amber, You continue to amaze me with your writings. I am giving a talk to a group of breast cancer survivors this week. I plan to quote from a n umber of your posts. Thanks for the gift of sharing.
    Take care, Dennis

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