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Five Reasons Why The Teenage Years Are Awesome

I have reached high school well not me officially, my oldest child. How is it that I cried more this morning then his first day of Kindergarten? For years I feared the teenage years, this stage of his life.  I worried  about rebellion and bad choices. What has happened however, is just the opposite. I love […]

Robin Williams You Will Be Missed…..

What a huge loss to hear that Robin Williams passed away. First hearing the news via Facebook (is it strange to anyone else that we get our news from FB?) I felt incredibly sad. His death was a bit more heartbreaking than others. To me Robin Williams was so full of life, living a very […]

The Shift

Have you ever felt a shift in your life? It is something you feel deep within but sometimes not sure how it will all play out. That is exactly what is happening inside of me. Since returning from Guatemala there is a shift happening and I am not sure what to make of it. Normally […]