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Manuscript Take #2- Ready, Set, Go!

Before I begin my journey of an entire re-write of my manuscript I thought I would document it here. I honestly feel a little emotional with excitement and anticipation. There is always a sense of where the characters will take me this time. Although I am keeping the main story arc and characters there is […]

Bucket List… Do You Have One?

Do you have a bucket list? Is it written down or stored somewhere up in your head? Mine is pretty much in my head. However while I was checking off another one of my bucket list items I realized that my list is getting rather short and really not much left on it. So I […]

My Secret Dark Cloud Of Sorrow

I promised myself with this blog I would write the good and the bad. Writing helps me process my emotions and my feelings. I have had a lot of growth over the past few years but there are times my secret dark cloud of sorrow comes crashing back into my life. Speaking your truth also […]

Allow Yourself To Be Free

This morning I awoke with such a free spirit. I am awake, I am alive and my soul is well. After a big event this past weekend I finally feel back to my normal self so this morning, while I should be getting ready for my doctor appointment and work I can’t help but smile […]