Monthly Archives of : January, 2014

The Writers Conference Virgin

So I flew down to San Diego yesterday to attend my first ever writer’s conference. So I guess you can say I am a writers conference virgin, or for that matter any conference virgin. I know I am changing when I check into my hotel at 7 p.m. and feel I must work out immediately. […]

Speaking The Truth, Even If Your Voice Shakes

I have promised myself to blog the good and the bad, to be honest with myself and to really speak or should I say write my truth. Sometimes though the truth is hard, the truth is messy and the truth is unclear. Life is messy sometimes and our paths feel unclear. When we choose to […]

Living Life With Intention

This morning while showering I was deep in thought. I find that I do my best thinking in the shower. Some people may sing, but I think (at least most days when I am running 100 mph) I was reflecting on some conversations I have had over the past week about my blog and why […]

Growing Older Can Be A Celebration!

Birthdays, we all have them, we may not want them but we can’t stop them. So why not enjoy them and celebrate the fact that we have been alive another year? As a kid we can’t wait until our next birthday, we plan our party months in advance and we celebrate when we reach the […]

First 7 Days Of Workouts Done & Completed!!

Well I did it! I worked out every day for the past 7 days. Did not miss a day. I have played Tennis, ran up and down stairs, sit ups, push ups, punched a punching bag, a little yoga, ran, walked, hiked and a little elliptical was thrown it today since it got dark before […]

Finding Your Own Truth

Each one of us are looking, exploring and questioning the world around us. For some, they have found the answer in maybe their religion or through life experiences. This has been my journey of self-discovery this past year, finding my own truth or what feels right within my own soul. While in Thailand this past […]