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Day #3 Breaking The Non-Workout Habit

Ok thinking that posting every day might be much. Who cares about working out every day. So I will switch to weekly I think. But I will be working out for 21 days straight… isn’t that what you do to break a habit? Today my buddy was Colbey and a few others out on the […]

Breaking Habit Day #2

                     Sometimes in life we have to overcome, whether it is proving we can work out every day. Publish a manuscript, run a successful business or be a better patient mother. These are the things I thought about today as I went up and down. We […]

Silent Expectations

This past week was rough to say the least. I had several conversations with other moms about the crazy rush of buying presents, kids class parties and well for me I had the extra bonus of putting on a Christmas Program for my preschool. To be honest I had three meltdowns this week. My heart […]