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As I continue to look into my past I realize where a lot of my beliefs really began to shift. The moment I became a mother for the first time everything that I thought I knew seemed to change. I knew or at least I thought I would be a great mother. I became a […]

Time to Back up a Bit

I have been thinking about my past few posts. I am also realizing that it can be offending many. Honestly I write for my own personal journey and reflection. I have always chosen to be a honest writer, to share my feelings and emotions because I feel it does a disservice to hide behind a […]

Wide Awake At 3:00 a.m.

We got back in from Thailand late last night! What a joy it was to see all four of our kids! I missed them so much and can’t wait to take them traveling. I am up at 3:00 a.m. my time here in CA, my body just has not adjusted back to this time.  My […]

Life in Thailand

It is our second day here in Bangkok. Yesterday we spent the day at Temples and the royal palace. It is so warm here and it is their winter. The temples were beautiful as the royal palace. When you enter the temple women must be covered up to show respect and you must wear no […]