2010 In Motion

2010 In Motion

Wow, we are only two weeks into the new year and so much is happening!!! First off great news about my car. I was just told yesterday that they are going to fix it.. .all 17k worth of damage! That is awesome news as that car was just perfect for me and the kids!

Where has two weeks gone? Let’s see, this year is well under way with many exciting things upon us. Last year at this time, I just began my journey as an advocate for myself in the medical world. I was beginning my search for why I had a hard mass and a lump in my right breast. I began last year thinking ” I think something is not right ” wondering if it was possible if I had cancer.

This new year begins with watching my dream school almost reach completion. With contractors, my husband, father in law, brother in law all working on the building it is getting closer to being finished every day. I picked out paint colors and cabinets today. I know I am reaching the end when now it is time to begin to decorate the inside.

This year has also set in motion a surprise project, opening a new center in the bay area. That center is already well on its way to full capacity, at we are not even open yet! There is staffing, training, students to register and shopping of all new equipment.

Already this year I am SWAMPED!!! I am in full force opening two large centers all within weeks apart. Each day I say “Thank You” I am so grateful to be in this position, I am healthy, I am energetic and I am ready to continue to be a risk taker.

I am also humbled… as stressful and overwhelming these projects are I am truly humbled to be right in the center of them. I feel honored to be doing all that I am doing. In the midst of each day, I acknowledge that I do not know what tomorrow holds, so today I am keeping busy and making my dreams come true.

I have also been taking the time to work on my novel. It has been a very emotional experience, to bring it to life in my head. My story has so much more meaning now, then when I started in 2007. It has also been amazing to sit at my computer and have it flow right out of me. I think I am getting close to give someone a sneak peek at a few chapters. At this time I have no idea what I will do with it when I am done. Possibly get it published or possibly it may just be for me, a finished book… one of my many dreams accomplished.

This is already an overwhelming year… not like last year an overwhelming year of unknown outcomes, surgeries, sadness and grief. This year is already beginning with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, for what already has been, for what is to come and new goals already set in motion.

Some may think I am crazy with all that I want to do… but if I am honest with you and with myself then I have to admit that in my head I hear the clock… it ticks softly, but constantly. This clock ticks quietly but is always present in my daily chores. The clock represents cancer…. it represents my time here on earth, it represents the unknown with my health.

So as I hear the clock quietly ticking on… constantly I move even quicker to accomplish all of my dreams, goals for my life… before it is too late.

Quite possibly we should all live this way really… all of us have a quiet ticking of a clock in our heads. For all of us, it will go off one day, and our time will be up. What have you done to show for your life? Are you happy with your outcomes so far? Are you dreaming for more?

Let me share my motto with you this year… I randomly found this saying online one night as I was board and surfing the web. The next morning I shared this awesome saying with a dear friend… only a few minutes later this friend got a sneak preview of a gift I was given by another friend… guess what… the gift was a computer bag with this very exact saying I had found the night before… this is my life… this is how I live, I challenge you to live this way as well…. you may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself doing the impossible!

“Dream it, Wish It, Do It”

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  • We think all you’re doing is fantastic! So challening and inspirational 🙂

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