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Exchange Surgery Date Set

Exchange Surgery Date Set

Today was a good day, I finally booked my next surgery. You would be surprised to know how joyful and giddy I was to get a date scheduled for my new foobs! November 30th I will once again head into the operating room. This time I hope for a speedy recovery and some squishy girls […]

Wow it has been a VERY long time!!!

I am realizing it has been almost three months since I posted. Wow where did the time go???? I think what happened was that I pushed the “resume” button on my life and well… you get the picture. I wanted to give a quick update, well if you have followed my writing it may not […]

My “Me-Cation” Journey

It was a needed vacation, a solo trip that I felt I needed to do. I packed a small bag, booked a small room at a bed and breakfast and got in my car and head to the ocean. The ocean is a powerful place, the air is salty and fresh, the sounds of the […]