Amber Geiss, formerly Amber Farman, is the proud mother of four amazing human beings as well as a successful Entrepreneur for almost two decades. Amber is an Amazon best-selling author of Farewell My Loves and is currently launching her new book Stop Hiding & Start Thriving. She is on a mission to help others Unveil their masks and be a “Thriver” not just a survivor. She is passionate in letting others know they are not a product of their circumstances and all of us have greatness and a story to tell. 

Some of Amber’s own experiences and circumstances have included carrying a secret for almost two decades hiding her abusive marriage. Wearing her own mask created a variety of health issues from the stress, including breast cancer at thirty-one. Today Amber celebrates her ten-year cancer free anniversary and a beautiful healthy life after a toxic relationship. It is possible to change your story and change your life. Amber is dedicated to helping women acknowledge the past but move forward with dignity and grace and create a new possibility and life not just as a survivor but a “THRIVER!”


Are you stuck in your story you play over and over in your head? Is your life not moving in the direction you want? Are hiding your authentic self or don’t even remember who you are? Sometimes life happens, circumstances, experiences happen that can sometimes feel paralyzing. Amber knows how it feels to feel alone on the bathroom floor crying out to the Universe “I can’t do this anymore!” 

Sometimes it takes a huge break down for a wonderful breakthrough to happen and never feel bad for that! It was through a major breakdown that Amber found her greatest life’s purpose. 

Amber is dedicated now to helping women move forward creating new possibilities and the life you’ve always dreamed of having. Life is too short to be living life as a victim, replaying our circumstances over and over. Why not actually create an action plan to be a Thriver, not just a survivor?

Coaching services include in Person in her office in Northern Ca or through the use of Zoom, face to face calls. 



Topics Covered:

*Business Growth
*Breaking the Abusive Cycle Forever
*Spiritual Awakening
*Healthy Coping Mechanisms
*Learning How to Live After Cancer

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Amber Geiss is an up and coming keynote speaker you may just want to take note of! Her inspiring and energy filled keynotes touch hearts and lives with her transparency and raw topics. After spending almost two decades wearing a mask and hiding her feelings, and circumstances from everyone who knew her, she became exhausted and severely ill. Secrets, can be physically life changing as Amber realized when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 31. Today Amber is the author of Stop Hiding & Start Thriving! No more hiding, no more carrying secrets or stuffing her feelings, she is passionate about helping other learn to tell their own story and take action changing their lives.  Amber is passionate now in helping others change their story and change their life! Anyone can start again and create the life they’ve always imagined!

Speaker sheet available if interested in hiring Amber at your next event. If you are looking for a raw, honest female speaking we promise Amber will NOT disappoint!


& events

Change your STORY, Change your LIFE Workshops & Retreats

Are you looking for an intimate weekend away with other like-minded women all supporting and encouraging lifelong growth and healing? There is power in unity and the stories and strength of others. 

Our retreats center on changing the story we have come to believe in our heads. How we identify ourselves, our doubts, our circumstances and how we cope in the world around us. Bad things happen all the time to good people. Experiences many times out of our control can leave us devastated and unsure how to pick up the pieces. Many times, we can label ourselves as a victim repeating the same story over and over, in return causing trauma over and over to ourselves by relieving it over and over.

What if it was possible to change the story? What if it is possible to change our lives for good? 

I know how busy women can get, sometimes we put everyone first except ourselves. Yet on the inside we are hiding behind a carefully crafted mask. Workshops and Events are held in Amber’s very own home, creating a loving, safe and intimate space for raw openness which leads to incredible change. 

 Only 4 Retreats a year! Only 12 spots per retreat, so space is limited. Applications for these events will be processed in the order they are received. For more information email today with a schedule and pricing! Time to start living the life you’ve always dreamed and not just surving but THRIVING!!



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final farewell

stop hiding & start thriving

Sequel Coming Fall 2020

In the aftermath of hearing the words metastatic breast cancer , Meredith Mathews devises a plan to start the ball rolling on her impending departure. As a selfless, devoted wife and mother, she believes that finding her replacement will help her family heal more quickly after she passes. When an unexpected friendship grows deeper than she imagined it ever could, she begins to question all that she believes in. Farewell My Loves is a love story about our undying need for human connections. It traverses a maze of boundaries and challenges inherent in living a life unscripted, bent on not conforming to the desires of others.

Farewell my loves

in production

“Unveil your mask and say yes to living your authentically purpose driven life.”

-Amber Geiss








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