Hanging Up My CEO Hat

Hanging Up My CEO Hat

Hanging Up My CEO Hat

Today I finally get to announce that I am hanging up my CEO hat! Over the past four years I have grown my business 9 times! I went from 3 employees to 31 at one point. All while I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I expanded my Loomis schools, opened a new school in Newark then two years later opened yet another school in Folsom. Over the past four months of Dr appointments and not knowing what the future holds we made a decision to slow down and downsize our lives. Today the announcement is made and I officially begin to hang up that role in my life.

As I begin to prepare to pass the reigns off for for My Folsom center I am feeling so much relief knowing that this truly is the right decision.  I truly care for each of my girls, for their kids and their lives. I truly care for each of the families that walk through the doors of Smart Start. It took me a long time to balance the load of this mentally and physically.

Today however I am looking forward to my new life, a simpler life. Over the past twelve years I have learned how to create and open a business all while learning how to be a new mom. I have learned how to maintain that business and grow into a successful long term business. Over the years I have learned how to open this business for others and have learned to create a school then sell it to another. I have learned how to become a CEO of two corporations and expand a working business and really brand it. I have learned how to have tough conversations  with parents and employees, managed schedules and budgets. I have learned to turn an empty building into something special. All of this I will never regret! Smart Start has taught me so much, shaped me into partly who I am now. But most of all what I have learned in the past four months is that at 35 years old, the mom of four kids I am ready to retire my CEO role.

Today I announce I am hanging up my CEO hat. I am scaling my business way down and focusing on my baby, my “Loomis” school.  I think it was six years ago that I sketched out what my dream center would look like. Today I am honored to work in that beautiful little red school house and call it my home! Today I look to the future and know that I am done at this time with expansion. I am done taking a blank canvas and creating something wonderful at least with Preschools. I am done running this way and that and managing 25 plus staff members. Today I am so thankful for lessons learned, and that I can be honest with myself and say I throw in the towel to bigger and better and simpler is where my heart is.

The past four months have been so scary and so unpredictable. The past year has been the biggest challenge of my career as well as the most successful. As a recent oncologist just told me “Honey we are all terminal, so we all must live it up.” Those words are now engraved into my heart. No matter what may come with my health or the future today I know that I am happy, I am content with my decision and I am not looking back.

My family, my home and my one preschool is my focus. I am also focusing on my novel which has been shelved due to fear and unknown of what people may think if they knew I wrote it. That fear is gone, my time in Thailand cured that. So my writing will resume and this is the year I finish. It is time to see what other talents lie within me.

What joy I feel about the future… I will miss all the girls I will say goodbye too, but I am confident they are in the best of hands. I cheer to my little red school house to the new magic we will bring to our current and new and future students and families!

Good bye mom who turned CEO… thanks for all you taught me!

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  • Boy, I sure came to this party late! Congratulations on your decision. Sounds like a big hat your hanging up! Good for you! Oh, and I’m interested in that novel….

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